VST CONNECT with PRO TOOLS Compatibility issues

Hi there Steve here I’m thinking of getting VST CONNECT to work with my Cubase 9.5 Win 10 and my friend MAC ProTools set up but he says not to get it because there are compatibility issues does anyone know anything about this.

VST Connect plugins only work with Cubase (Studio side). The other side (Performer, Talent, Artist) only requires the free to download application VST Connect Performer (Mac or PC) and should not run any DAW or other audio application whatsoever at the same time. So: your friend must not run PT but run VST Connect Performer Mac application instead which can be downloaded for free from the Steinberg website.

so we cannot use cubase and PT at the same tine if VST is running

I don’t get what you want. VST Connect is for a one-way scenario where one party (Studio, Cubase only) is recording and the other (Performer, needs VST Performer application and nothing else) the Artist/Talent to be recorded. The performer does nothing but perform, even audio device setup and mix and everything is remote controlled by the studio (Cubase/VST Connect plugin) just like when recording someone next door.
VST Connect is not a jamming tool, Studio records Performer, that’s it. If you want to collaborate on projects, use VST Transit, built into Cubase and the VST Transit Join plugin allows you to collaborate on the same project even with ProTools. Different product, though.