VST connect You Are Already In A Session.

I have started a new project and started VST Connect SE. The manual tells me to Create Talkback from the menu, but it is greyed out. I go to the remote device (on a different network) and start VST Connect performer as instructed. I enter the number given to me by the main program on the other system and whatever I do next I get a notification saying “You are already in a session”. I am NOT in a session and the two computers are on different networks as required by the S.E version. I have tried re-installing performer on the remote system and still get the You are already in a session message. I have stopped and restarted both systems, disconnected the network connections tried every combination I can think of, but I still get the “Already n a session” message. Cubase 8.5 is up to date as of about three days ago and as I said I have tried re-installing the Performer remote software from the Steinberg site today.
I’m completely flummoxed. Any ideas? It’s not just not working, it’s giving me an error message that can’t be correct. The User guide is of no help.
Thanks for the help, in advance.


Could you try the Safe Start Mode of Cubase, please?