Hi All,

Has anyone had any issues with using VST Connect on Cubase 10.5.12? I am using it with the latest version of the vst performer app and I have had no luck connecting to two separate performer accounts.

Any advice on how to get up and running?

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Same problem. The only way to connect that we found is by creating users and requesting connection directly. Codes are not working for me.

I’m urged to make it work properly

more details please :

is this vst connect Pro or SE ?
are you trying on the local network or over the internet ?
are you running performer app on mac/pc/ios ?
which (exact) version are are you running at each end ?
when you do a “network login” are you “name/key” or “name/password”

Hi Dr

Running SE
Over The internet
Running the app on mac
On My end with Cubase Pro I am running and the app is 4.0.30
I name/passowrd… I have no option for name and key. Both performers I am trying to connect with have my Steinberg accounts and we are friends through the vst connect system.

I hope you can help further! Thanks

first try the beta on connectvst.com - 4.0.30 is pretty buggy - the later betas are better

then try pressing the ID button to the right of the “name” field- this means you don’t need to use you steinberg account. It’s a much better method IMO

let me know if that works

No luck with the beta version…

When attempting the key method, I constantly receive the error message “Sorry connection failed. No Reply. Try again Later” On my Cubase Pro.
The Performer receives “No response from connection server, please make sure you are connected to the internet” when he is connected.
When trying the account method, I received “Sorry, no reply from friend! Make sure both sides use up to date version”.

Any more help would be awesome, really keen to get some remote sessions up and running with these crazy times we live in haha!

I am also now receiving a “somebody tries to connect to you, but uses an incompatible version notification” when attempting to use the id/key format.

obvious question…are you both using the same version ?

install the ones from connectvst.com on client and studio - even if you are using SE

The stable release is in the Steinberg Download manager. Probably that is what should be used. Installing the pro version will update the built in SE version