VST Connect

Anyone wanna try a session now?

I’m still here if anyone wants to try this.

I created a short 2 verse 12 bar blues in the key of A just rhythm, bass and drums. Plenty of room for a vocal or lead track. Anyone wanna connect?

Well, after 3 hours and 33 views. I’m withdrawing the offer. Maybe this isn’t the right forum to try this.

Would’ve wanted to if I was around. PM me, maybe we can connect yet.

Hi Rick

I think it might be a "time of day " thing :smiley:. I’ll certainly give it a go if we’re both"around at the same time, I do want to get this VST connect thing working, tried with my nephew in UK but no go, so I’m up for anything

Best Regards


Okay guys. I’ll be available around noon EST.