VST connect

When i upgraded from cubase 7 to 7.5 and tried to use vst connect i always got this message "An Exception ocurred.Save your work and restart the appliction.The exception was thrown because of the plugin:VST Connect SEController.:and everything would freeze.So,i just left ver 7 installed and used it for vst connect sessions,hoping ver 8 would fix this.Now i have upgraded to ver 8 pro and im getting the same problem!What gives…I must be missing something simple but its driving me crazy!!!Anybody else had this problem,any help would be greatly appreciated!!


Hm! Can you send me a private message and we will sort this out? Of course, we will return with the result.

See You,

hey spork not sure how to message you privately but would love the help…VST connect template on ver 8 pro brings up a blank control screen when i load it also…I also have versions 7,7.5,and 8 all currently installed…I dont know if that makes a difference I always assumed the “upgrades” were actually new,seperate programs

… I’ve send you a PM. Just log in and check your mails (User Control Panel).