VST Connection Inputs won't load saved Preset.

Sorry if this is addressed elsewhere, i searched high and lo and cannot find anything.

Using Cubase 7.0.6.

I use an audio interface at home: “Komplete Audio 6” (4 inputs)
I use a different audio interface at our jam room: “Tascam 1800”. (16 inputs)

I have a preset for the jam room interface with all our drum & amp mic inputs saved.
Recording works fine.
Then when i come home and plug into the Komplete interface i select the preset for home.
When i go back to the jam room, even though i select the preset with all 16 mics, the selections stay blank.
VST Connections
Device Port = “Not Connected”.

So i have to manually go thru and reset each channel input, and then also go through each track and then select the corresponding input for that track! (snare, kick, toms,amps, etc) There’s gotta be a better way?
No matter how many times i reboot or try to recall the preset, they are all just grayed out to “Not Connected”.

Any help?

Are you selecting the interface driver in VSTaudio before going to VSTconnections?

Yeah… a tad late in my reply, but yes.
First I select the appropriate interface, then I select my preset that I made for that interface… then… nothing.
Blank selections, and I have to go down the list and re-select all 14 mic inputs again… and the corresponding track input.