VST Connection overview

Good afternoon,
I do a lot of radioplay and filmmixing where I use my console for mixing instead of the Nuendo mixer.That means I have to create tons of VST connections via MADI. My proposal is to have a page where I could patch and connect tracks directly to dedicated outputs without using the routing in the mixer. This would give a better overview and a faster handling.



I just want tomake it a bit more precisly
I want a page where the tracks, the out or ins and the VST connections are diplayed and where one can easly route and select tracks to outputs like the routing matrik in the RME sw. So you have a very good overview of your track routing.
In practice the VST connection page should only be expanded by the tracks of the project.


Pretty good suggestion actually.

Out of curiosity; how do you go about it right now?

Hi Lydiot,
right now one has to select it channel by channel and there is no global view of the related outs or ins. I also suggest that one could select a pre fader output, so you do not have to worry about levels as it is as well not possible, at least to my knowledge, to set all faders to a dedicated level, if the faders are set to different levels. So global overview and selection would make miking with an external console much more comfortable.