VST Connection Presets Reassigning Incorrectly

I’m having a reproducible issue with the VST Connection Presets. This issue can completely mess up your output/input structure in a project file.


  1. open blank cubase session

  2. Go to VST connections, outputs tab, and add two additional output busses. should have (Stereo Out, Stereo Out 2, Stere Out 3)

  3. save that new output scheme as a preset and call it “Config 1”

  4. Once that is saved, delete the first output bus (Stereo Out), and save another new preset called “Config 2” (Should be just Stereo Out 2 and Stereo Out 3 in that preset)

  5. Return to “config 1” by selecting it from the preset dropdown.

  6. In the project page add three audio tracks and assign the first track to Stereo Out, the second track to Stereo Out 2, and the third track to Stereo Out 3.

  7. Reopen the VST connections and outputs tab again and now select Config 2. In the project page (or mixer page) you will notice that the first audio track now has no bus on its output, the second audio track is still Stereo Out 2, and the third is Stereo Out 3. This is expected behavior and makes sense.

  8. Now in the VST connections go back to Config 1 preset. In the project window you will notice that Audio Track 2 is now assigned to Stereo Out and Audio Track 3 is assigned to Stereo Out 2. One output off from what they were originally. This is the problem. I’m not sure why it’s changing the outputs in the project, and once this happens there is no way to get back the original selected outputs except to open a back up project, or manually reassign them. With a project this small it’s not a big deal, but to manually reassign in a massive project with multiple outputs and complex routing can be a problem.

It make sense that if the output doesn’t exist that it would be “no bus”, but to change the output to something else can be detrimental to a project.

Current system is Mac 10.10.4, Cubase 8.5.15. UR824 interface.