VST connections, External Instrument inputs not saving

Hi Everyone,

I seem to be having a strange problem with Cubase 9.5 ( I lived with the same issue on 8 ) not saving my External Instrument audio connections.
Below are the steps that I have taken. It would be great of any of you guys could tell me if there is anything I have missed.

  1. Set up midi connections through Midi device Manager

  2. Go to VST Connections - External Instruments

  3. Add new device

  4. Choose the midi connection the device is attached too

  5. Choose the audio inputs the device is connected too

  6. Go to the plug in manager and add the device to my custom plugin folder

  7. Save the Project as a template

  8. Save the project itself and back up,

  9. Close down cubase

When reopening the Project or the template all of the External Instruments are missing from vst connections.

However, if i just set this up as standard inputs in vst connections, to use my devices with the old school method with midi and audio tracks, the connections will save.

My Setup is as follows

Audio interface - Steinberg MR816 CSX
GUI -Windows 8.1
Chipset X99
Processer 5960x not overclocked

Synths being connected
Moog Sub 37
Prophet 08 Rack
Analog Keys
V-Synth XT
Jupiter 80
Access Virus Ti2
Akai Z4 Sampler
Novation Supernova Rack

Any help would be greatly appreciated, as having external instruments would greatly improve my workflow

I am having exactly the same problem

Not sure if this has been discussed elsewhere already, but I am losing all recording delays set in the External Instruments upon project reload. In fact, Cubase doesn’t adjust for anything, the feature is dead. Anyone else suffering from this? Another one on the unacceptable list really. I’m on 903

I just saw this post. I’m having a problem adding External Instruments as well. it is as if the feature is broken. Getting an error that starts out “a serious problem has occurred…” would love to know how to fix it.