VST Connections Issue

I’ve noticed a possible issue from following the Quick Start guide in C6 on page 30. It is mentioned that the current input/output bus should be removed and re-added in the VST connections panel. By following this procedure, I was unable to receive any further audio signal from the output bus.

The JPG picture shows the issue. No sound is heard from the output bus.

This was tested using the Generic Low Latency ASIO Driver and the EMU0404 USB ASIO Driver with the same results.

If Cubase 6 is restarted, the issue is resolved however, I doubt this should be the way around this. This was not an issue with C5 using the same laptop.

I’m not sure if this issue is hardware specific so if people could check, that would be most appreciated

no audio.jpg

In the picture it looks like you may have the bus routed to the speakers (of the computer) rather than your sound card. On MY computer, “speakers” is what is says for the computer speakers and for the sound card it says something like, “M-Audio out 1/2” or something with the name of the audio card in it. Try checking that.