VST connections issue

I have successfully set up Cubase 8.5 for surround on my system and set up a preset for surround. Even so, I find that when I work with new projects the VST connections revert back to stereo.
I am guessing that the templates provided by Steinberg have been set up for stereo? Or perhaps they are all children of a default stereo template set up by Steinberg.

Through many versions I have noticed that even where you have saved some VST Connections presets (one for each used tab), later I find that they are not loaded - where you left them.
I am seeking a way of ensuring that my Surround presets are loaded as default for ALL my projects, irrespective of which template I use.
Cubase offers only to save templates into a user folder, I can’t find the default cpr, even in the apps folder.
The whole thing is a bit puzzling and I may be wrong, about their being a default CPR, or wrong about why I keep loosing VST Connection settings.

Any ideas people?



VST Connections Inputs, Outputs and Groups are stored with projects. Studio settings is global settings.

Yes, Steinberg project presets are using Stereo Outs.

Thank you Martin.
I presume that there is a default cpr template somewhere, does anyone know its name or its location on a WIn 10 system.

Is it true that all the other projects are children of the default and will change when the default is altered?

No. Every single template is an independent project with own settings.

If you want to keep your Surround settings, use Studio.

Thank you for this Martin I appreciate your time.

I do use the Studio tab, its the other tabs that usual get lost I note. I have managed to find all the templates and change them manually for surround, by using a custom preset for each tab of VST connections.
I note that one template seems completely hidden from view, the “Empty” template. This was the one I was trying to change to begin with, apparently this is impossible -it does not turn up as a cpr anywhere

I notice one ‘bug’. I have created a preset for ‘Surround’ one each for input, output, and studio tabs. If you select these presets, close and re-open the project the name does not show up again (though the settings are correct).
This is no show stopper, but it has been going on for years perhaps even a decade. It creates the illusion that you have lost your preset, though in reality it has loaded.
Perhaps Steinberg could address this, for clarity sake

Anyway thank you


If you want to apply your own Inputs/Outputs presets for the “Empty Project”, save your preset with the name “Default”. This preset will be applied for the “Empty Project”.

Thank you, that’s what I missed, saving default VST connections presets - all
working now