VST Connections Output Issue

I’ve ran into this one before but I don’t remember how I solved it.

I’m unable to hear my media bay loop browser and metronome at the same time.

I have a Focusrite that i’m connecting a stereo bus to using HPL and HPR then the studio is set to Mon1 and Mon2. In this configuration I can hear the media bay preview but not the metronome. If I switch these two settings then I can hear the metronome and not the media bay.

Does anyone know what I’m doing wrong here and how I can set up the VST Connections to hear both?


Are you sure that it’s not a question of the Metronome output being set at too low a volume and thus being masked by whatever you’re playing back from the Media Bay?


MediaBay preview, same as other previews in Cubase (import audio, Offline Process preview, etc.) are routed to the Monitor 1 in Cubase Pro.

Open VST Connections > Studio. Add a Bus > Monitor 1. Set the physical output of the Monitor 1 (to your speaker monitor). Don’t forget to open VST Connections > Output, and make sure, the Stereo Out is set to “Not Connected” (if it would be connected to the same output as the Monitor 1; the output signal would be doubeled).

To make Metronome audible, enable it in the Transport panel (KeyCommand “C”), and now, once you are using Control Room, don’t forget to enable it also in the Control Room > Monitor section (the most down Metronome button in the section).

I followed your instructions and now I can hear the media bay but cannot hear the metronome. When i select mon1 and mon2 in studio it removes it from my output section and the only option then is to use hp1 and hp2 in output but still can’t hear metronome. Only if mon1 and mon2 are in output can i hear the metronome. See screenshots.


That’s correct.

Now, open Devices > Control Rool Mixer. On the left side of the big red knob, you will find the metronome button (icon). Click on it to enable it (route it to the Monitor 1 output).

Make sure, click is switched On in the Transport Panel.