VST connections presets

A little background on why:

I use a laptop and a Behringer X32 with my band. The laptop runs backing tracks (each track goes to a separate channel on the X32 - not just a stereo mix-down of all the backing tracks) and records the live inputs (performers) at the same time. I use an external usb drive. Works fine.

I have presets in VST connections for the X32 (32 ins/outs) and a preset for my “studio” (a stereo out) setup. After a gig I often like to listen to the performance, edit, etc. on the studio computer/speakers rather than lugging the X32 into the house, setting it up, etc. I just take the external drive and the Cubase dongle and plug it into my studio computer.

When I change the vst connections to the studio preset, all the inputs/outputs on the channel strips go to “no bus”. I have to reassign all my track outputs to the sound card (stereo out) on the studio computer. Same is true if I produce a backing track with the studio machine and then select my X32 preset on the laptop. I have to click on each track, vst instrument, etc. input and output and assign it to where it needs to go. It amounts to about 28 tracks (X’s 2 since each track has an input and output) and about 56 mouse clicks and it’s just plain tedious - and inevitably I’ll get one or more wrong.

Is there a way set it up to get/assign all of those inputs and outputs to automatically go to the appropriate channel in one or a couple of mouse clicks when I switch between the X32 preset and the Studio preset? TIA.

Windows 7
Cubase 7.5


If you want to set the same Input or Output bus to all tracks at once, you can do it this way:

  1. Select all wanted tracks.
  2. Hold Alt (or Alt+Shift; I’m sorry, I’m not in the studio right now, and this one changed many times already).
  3. Select the Input (or Output) bus, you want to assign to all tracks.

If Alt is the one shortcut, then I would expect, the Alt+Shift will set the Input/Outlut Buses incrementaly.

Tried the shift/alt select multiple channels solution before. It will assign all input/outputs to the Selected/SAME source. That is a work around for my studio setup for getting all the outputs to the stereo out buss but doesn’t work the root issue very well and still involves a lot of mouse clicks/selections. I still have to select tracks one by one, using the control key of course, until I have what I want selected and the shift/alt click and that only works for the studio setup.

The vst connections window won’t let me hold down shift/alt and select a preset so that isn’t helping - the incremental idea. Selecting tracks in the track window and then selecting a vst connection preset gets inconsistent results. Sometimes some of the old inputs/outputs “stick” with the track, sometimes they get jumbled, seemingly randomly, but do change. There’s something going on but I don’t understand what it is or how the logic is/isn’t set up.

Maybe another way of describing what I want to do is I’m looking for some kind of “apply this vst connections setup template to this project” setting/option. Maybe a macro?

Also, is there a way to drag/reorder the bus names around in the vst connections output/input windows?

In the VST Connections window, the incrementing function definitely works:

  1. Add wanted Number of Buses (or select them from the preset).
  2. By using Shift, select the Buses, you want to change the settings.
  3. Hold down Alt+Shift (again, I hole in this shortcut, I’m not in the studio right now).
  4. Set the Output of the 1st Bus. All other Buses will be incremented from the 1st selected one.

I’m still not sure, I can understand your needs. You can of course use a preset of the VST Connections, but then you have to connect all your Channels of the MixConsole to the Output Buses, you added in the VST Connections. What is the missing part for you?

Maybe Direct Routing would help? To route the signal to the one VST outout, and at the same time to the second (not connected) one? You could choose, which is not connected.

track window.jpg
vst connections window.jpg
Tried your suggestion but it doesn’t increment anything for me - just assigns all of my superior drummer (in this case) to the same input “To Board Kick Ch1”. It’s Shift/Alt btw.

Is there some “increment” setting I’m not seeing somewhere?


So in the project, if you want to increment all of your inputs, use Shift + select the 1st input, while tracks are selected.

If you want to do this for the Instrument returns, you have to set it in the MixConsole, in the Routing tab.

Sorry I’ve been away from the computer.

No combination of Shift/Alt/Clicks on the Input/output “lane(s)”/highlighted or not in the Inspector Tab on any channel nor combination of Shift/Alt/Clicks the channels listed/highlighted in the VST Connections window(s) allows me to increment/assign/reproduce the order of the Inputs/Outputs in the VST Connections window to the tracks in the project window.

Either I am not explaining in right or I can’t accurately reproduce what you guys are asking me to do.

“So in the project, if you want to increment all of your inputs, use Shift + select the 1st input, while tracks are selected.”

I don’t understand what I am supposed to have “selected” or where the first “input” is located - in the track window or the VST Connections window. I’ve tried them both but nothing gets assigned to anything but the first track(s) I have selected in the Inspector window inside of the project window.

There has to be a way to do this.

And again, is there any way to move/reorder the list of inputs/outputs inside the VST Conncections window. I’ve tried every key combination I can think of.

Thanks for any help.

Ok, after much hair pulling, I figured out how to assign the tracks like I wanted. Thank you for the help and I apologize for the slowness I my being able to understand the directions. I have midi and audio tracks next to each other in spots and that seems to have something to do with it.

I now need to move/reorder the list of inputs/outputs inside the VST Connections window. Can this be done?


In fact, you cannot do this. Definitely not in the VST Connections window. You cannot change the order even in the MixConsole. The only one place, where you can change it, is in the Project window. But if you change the order here, MixConsole doesn’t reflect it.

So, I’m sorry, but it’s impossible.


Thanks for the help. If “the only place they can be changed is in the project window” then how do I do that?

The order of the vst connections in the vst connections window DOES change seemingly all on it’s own and randomly - although I know that’s not the case. There is something I’ve done or am doing somewhere somehow that changes the order. I have over 32 connections/buses in those vst connections input and output windows.

I’d type them all in over again in the order I want EXCEPT then something I am doing is changing the order and it becomes a waste of an hour and an exercise in frustration.

Again, thanks for the help.


Unfortunately, if you change the order in the Project window, it doesn’t change the order in the VST Connections window. And I’m afraid, the most important for you is the VST Connections window (and its order).

I would recommend you to save the preset, once you create it (and put them to the correct order). I don’t believe, the order changes in the preset. To be honest, it’s hard to believe, the order changes itself.

Note please, the VST Connections Inputs and Outputs are stored with the project. So once you load a project with different settings of the Inputs, you will get this. And if you create a New Empty project then, it will use the last settings of Inputs.

This has been fixed in Cubase 8. If you have any preset (of Inputs or Outpust) named Default, this preset is always used for the new empty project.