VST Connections problem :(

Hey everyone, new to the forum!

I have an issue with my version of Cubase LE 8:

I use an M-Audio Fast track (MK II which just has one balanced input and one unbalanced input) into a Macbook pro. So when I set it up in Cubase I select the fast track driver in device setup, open up vst connections and split the inputs into two mono inputs and then select fast track as the source for both, which makes Input 1 the Xlr input and input 2 the jack unbalanced input.

My issue is that now when I try and select fast track as the input source (in vst connections), it appears as a drop down option but when I select it, it doesn’t work, I click it but it just won’t allow me to use it. It doesn’t give me an error message or anything either.

I recently updated my Macbook’s OS, could it be a driver issue?

Any help would be appreciated!


Yes, it could by driver issue.

Try macOS First Aid. Try to install the latest driver. Try Cubase Safe Start Mode/trash preferences.