VST Connections problem


I have Win 10 64x, Elements 8+, Zoom 16 with later 16-24 driver.

I am going bananas here as nearly every time I fire up to record or play, I have troubles connecting.

I have read many posts and applied what I can but still no permanent glee.

The Zoom shows in Dev Mgr under Software (2 entries) and Soundcards (1 entry).

It is also selected as the default card and shows when clicking on the speaker icon lower screen.

It also shows in Elements VST Connections but Not Connected is chosen and even though I click on the zoom entry, it stays on the not connected.

In Elements songs play fine and show levels etc but no sound.

However if I pay an audio file in VLC player, then there is sound and it is through the Zoom.

So it seems the problem is it is not connecting in Elements.

Any help please?


You might want to check how the OS relates to the audio hardware. Control Panel > Hardware and Sound. Under that, see what’s up under Manage Audio Devices, and what’s up under Devices and Printers.

Now there are essentially 2 audio universes going on. [1] Your DAW (call this DAWU = DAW universe), and [2] Everything else, including system sounds, web page audio, and VLC player – all the stuff normal people have. (call this SSU = system sound universe).

You need to keep these universes separate so that system sounds don’t invade your audio work. Now the fact that VLC player (part of the SSU) is manifesting itself on the Zoom tells me that the system thinks the Zoom is in the SSU. This is further reinforced by the fact that the little speaker in the lower right corner says it’s the default sound card. Yes, the system thinks Zoom is part of the SSU. I think you want to change that; use the normal sound card instead. I had this problem in the beginning. I don’t exactly remember how I solved it, but it wasn’t too esoteric.

After the Zoom is removed from the SSU and the normal sound card is no longer being bypassed, you should get VLC player to play back thru the normal speakers connected to the line out of the normal sound card. Meanwhile in the DAWU, there should be no connection to the normal sound card, just to the Zoom. I think you have that set up correctly. Cubase talks to the Zoom without involving the SSU at all. So I guess the DAWU will sort itself out when it has the Zoom all to itself. Perhaps you’ll have to restart Cubase. Perhaps you’ll have to revisit Device Setup when you do that. Who knows?

FWIW, under Device Manager, my Win10 system has no mention of my audio interface or my regular soundcard under Software devices, but both appear under Sound, video, and game controllers. Audio inputs and outputs includes my regular sound card, but not my audio interface.

Under Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Manage Audio Devices, I see only the regular soundcard in the playback, and in the recording tab pages.

Under Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Devices and Printers I see both devices.

Thank you Colin for your in depth reply and help…

I see what you mean and will attempt to pull them apart from each other as it were :slight_smile:

You are gracious with your time for which I thank you again.

I will report back after the battle.