VST Connections question


My setup is:

Motif XS-MR816x-Mac Pro (they are connected via firewire cable in a daisy chain way).
My monitors are connected to the MR816x analog outputs (1+2).

Until now I have been using Cubase 7.5.1, and all worked fine.

Recently, I have updated to Cubase 7.5.3 and my previous setting in the “VST Connections” seams to be gone, and I do not recall how to set it up correctly.

If I look at the VST connection window there is nothing connected to
Outputs, and

Note: Group/FX, External FX, External instruments are not needed.
i am using the Control Room.

Can you please draw my attention how to set it up? Eventually where can I find a detailed description how to do this setup?


What’s in VSTconnections changes when you change your interface. If you have your interface chosen in devices/device setup then it should list all your available hardware inputs and outputs per your interface when you create a new bus in VSTconnections.
Things can only be used once so if you set up a mono input bus you can’t use that input in a stereo bus without deleting or disconnecting that input.
Good to know the I/O of your interface so you know where things are plugged in. Like my fx box is tos3 and tos4 etc.

If using Control Room, you only need to setup Input and Studio tabs.

  1. Click Add Bus and choose mono or stereo. Then assign the ports under Device Ports
  2. Enable Control Room button. Add cue bus if you need one. This will be the client’s headphone mix. Assign the device ports you want to send headphones from. Repeat if you have several HP cue mixes.
  3. Monitor: this is your speaker out bus. Set the device ports that output to your speakers

After you’re done, click the + symbol and save it all as a preset. :wink:

Oh, and detailed instructions can be found in… the Operation Manual! Also YouTube tutorials.

All good, thanks to both of you.