vst connections window - why is it now blindingly-bright white?

Just watched a video where Steiny were making a point to mention that certain dialog windows have been redesigned to be more consistent with the overall aesthetic - which is great.

So why is has the F4 vst connections window now an insanely-bright, basically-all-white affair? The text on the selected tab is now white-on-very-light-grey, which makes it basically unreadable.

Even if you guys didn’t want to update it to fit the C10 look (and I have no idea why you wouldn’t want to?) just leaving it like it was, ie. unchanged since several versions would have been better: it would still be incongruous with basically every other window in the application, but it wouldn’t be almost physically painful to look at when working in a dark studio!

I can confirm your picture - label text on each main tab is ‘whited-out’ when selected.

yes, it looks pretty bad.

Yep. Here it is in case there’s any doubt:


Hopefully, they will provide a quick maintenance update to correct this. It is likely that they started updating this window and some unfinished code got included in the release build.

Yeah, the white text on the very light gray background was an especially nice touch.


It is a known issue. Hopefully a fix happens soon.

Or, this still looks pretty good compared to the rest? :slight_smile: Black background with white letters are not god for the eyes. I’m still not a fan of the ‘Dart Vader’ look.

Interesting - on my setup this window looks dark, as I guess it’s intended to. Maybe this problem only affects Windows?


Jeez! You make it sound like this is an issue that causes an unworkable situation? How often do you open this window? And are you unable to adjust the settings just because they don’t have the color you prefer?

If you share projects between machines, ALL the time to reconnect the ins/outs etc. But even then it’s only for 10-20 seconds to load presets. Think the point being made here is that it would’ve been better left as it was.

Also the Studio Setup window is terrible, the Beat Detect window is terrible too!

Windows 3.11 feelings!

Hi Nickeldome,

Jeez, back at you. I think you read a little more into my post than was actually there.

Did I say that I couldn’t use the software in its current state? How could you know how often I or any other user opens this window? I didn’t even say anything about my color preference in my post so where did that come from?

The only points I was trying to make about this issue is that it was likely an oversight and should be an easy fix that Steinberg should be able to get to us fairly quickly, period.

You should learn not put words in the mouths (or posts) of others.