VST Connections with Patchbay

Deal all,
I have following problem…Hope someone can help!
I bought a Neutrik Patchbay and connected a Drumcomputer and a Synth. The Signal goes out of the Patchbay on Channel 23 + 24 and gets connected on my Focusrite Scarlett on Channel 5 +6. The Problem starts here; If I want to connect the 2 instruments in the VST Connections on the same Input (like mentioned before 5+6 - because they are coming in on the same channel due to connected to output 23+24 on the Neutrik) Cubase (9.0) tells me that these Channels are already in use…How can I solve this problem? What am I doing wrong? Thanks a lot!

If you have Neutrik connected to your Focusrite ports 5 & 6 and it says they are already connected to something else then you should just force them to connect. Sometimes Cubase automatically connects ports without you knowing about it? Just ignore the message and connect them anyway. It’s just a friendly reminder of Cubase to remind you the ports are already assigned to something else.