VST Content problems

To Whom it may concern:

When I installed Groove agent 4 and groove 5, when I start Cubase pro 9.5 get several messages saying “VST sound library not found”
and it goes on to list several libraries: “FCP_SMT_122.Groove_Agent_SE_AM_Drums.vstsound” then several other messages come up after that.

Please Help



Reggie. I made a folder called VSTsound on another harddisk partition, in my case F:\VSTsound.

Then moved all the large ***.vstsound i found in C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Content, also those from the subfolders like Halion, Groove Agent etct, and eventual other possible places (do a search?) on C, all to same directory to the new folder F:\VSTsound.

In the NEW folder i created shortcuts for all those collected ***.vstsound files. Then i moved the shortcuts back to C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Content.
Never had an issue since. You could try to use the Steinberg library manager, but IMO it makes too many errors by deleting the wrong files. F

(PS i want to sell my Cubase 9.5 pro retail. or a full Cubase 10 PRO retail, i have both) And if someone makes a right offer, i can include licenses for Halion 5 and or Simon Phillips Studio Drums on the eLicenser. PM me then, paypal and buyers warranty is possible)

Thanks, Fiddler2007, for you help