VST controlling mp4 format videos

My live band plays to tracks. Right now we are searching for the best software or hardware to play the tracks to monitors, FOH while also sending a video we have created for each song in our set list that is synced up to the pre-recorded tracks.

We have taken the pre recorded tracks from a website called Karaoke Version and have created an mp4 video with these tracks as an MP3 file as the audio for the mp4 video.

My questions are

  1. how do we take all 56 mp4’s we have created and run them on the VST Live?
  2. Is there an easy way for our drummer to start and stop the mp4 videos live?
  3. Is there a way to send a signal to our video monitors (flat screen tvs) than the screen view of our laptop?
    Do we need to go about a different way?



Download VST Live
Create new project
New song
Import your song’s audio tracks
Add new video track and add video for song

Drummer can start/stop the complete song (audio+video+precount.etc) with one hit (via midi controller or on the computer/laptop u’re using)

Create a Song, go to “Tracks” view and drag the video in there.

You can use MIDI controllers, press the “Learn” button, click the transport “Play” item and operate your MIDI controller.

That depends on your system setup. You can configure each Monitor view for what screen is it to be shown on, if it should open in fullscreen mode etc.

Thanks for all that. Its a bit vague. I would need more detail on everything you mentioned.

or be shown. For example…dragging the video? from where?

Hi! did you download the application already and created a new project and least one song?

how would you hook up the midi controller?
Using hdmi out from my laptop to video screens…whats the detail there?

Thanks for that… I am really unfamiliar with midi controllers…any recommendations? How to hook up to laptop?

Hi! First get a bit familiar with the application. spend a weekend to discover. And belive me, you can do all the things above you’ve asked for.

What kind of DAW are u using? (I will try to give advice that can be compared to your current DAW).

Here is where you have to set, which VIDEO out is linke to which SCREEN (important, added screen have to be added first and must be seen by OS as a separated screen)
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MIDI contoller should be just plugged in via MIDI cable or USB then link midi messages to “Actions and Shortcuts”. But first decide: where u want to put the VSTLive computer (in FOH?, next to your drummer?, etc…) maybe you don’t need a MIDI controller at all…

thank you! so helpful. I will play around with it and told my bass player as well, he works in IT and is far smarter than me on all of this midi subject. Drummer will have an ipad or laptop next to him and control it. Thought maybe easiest to give him a foot controll to start, stop and go to next song. Not sure how all that works…

From your file system (Desktop)…but if you don’t know about the very basics, you might want to look at some documentation and manual first?

You will need some audio interface, those usually integrate MIDI, which you need to connect remote devices.
But again, you may want to familiarize yourself with some basics first, search Google for DAW and/or “Audio Interfaces”, then read the manual.