Vst count limit - Steinberg please do something!

I am wondering if you start loading inststruments more and more only inside Komplete Control, if that would benefit the amount of dlls you could load ? Kind of like the jBridge solution that I don´t use…

I think if you use the same DAW on OS X, that problem doesn’t exist ? Also beside using jbridge, maybe loading different vst instruments inside Komplete Control might improve the situation ? I have no solution for improving the Insert FX Plugins problem though. This seems to be a windows dll limit problem which means more DAWS other than cubase are also affected…

Here’s a tool which allows you to see how many slots you have left. I add it into the Control Room and disable it - it still works when disabled. Most useful for jiggling plugins when you’re up against the limit.


Fantastic. thankyou

just a question, wouldn’t it make sense for cubase to go dynamic, ok I see Fabio mentioned this, but ALL included and extra price Steinberg plugins to go dynamic as well, like presonus has done with all S1 included components? Or allow plugins to run in seperate processes like Reaper and Bitwig allow?

Anyway at least if all included stuff was patched, it would leave room for more third party.


It is a little more complicated than that, and they are already on it.
Each update has been making a few more fls slots available.

On Mac That not an issue.

understood but I am very interested in moving to windows… as you can see my imac is outdated and the only choice i have is an imac pro for a serious upgrade… i can build a crazy more powerful custom windows desktop for less money…

This is why the multi threading max core count issue and FLS slot issue are of particular interest to me. Cheers!

For those still watching this thread: we’ve addressed this in the latest preview of Windows 10:


Thanks Pete. Thanks Microsoft… :+1:

Thank you! This is good news indeed!

Very exciting. And I dont even see it listed in the release notes of that build. Most important thing to be fixed for this community since blue screens

It’s in the official announcement blog post, linked above.


Has anyone tried installing the preview of 19H1? Do Cubase 10 and other 3rd party plugins run smoothly?

This is why we need to get OSX , not Windows . Could you imagine you are serious sound engineer and producer , you need to use plugins to show ur creative then ? Microsoft doesn’t allow and you should wait for an update from them but our times run , projects burn

Now I understand better why Windows is not for serious music production and business.

OSX and its releases has its own problems for sure! I use both.
No OS is designed for pro audio. Steinberg, AVID and all DAW makers are making the very difficult possible

I run a very busy pro studio on Windows 10 every day.

I have no doubt that Steinberg and all any professional digital audio developers do difficult thing and they did big digital revolution.

Funny thing is strange that this problem has never appeared 3 months ago on same OS (on other heavier project) but it appears on new heavy project and I can’t figure out , guess which vst will not be loaded . the reason is not how VST is CPU/RAM monster . For example D-16 Repeater is not CPU monster and my go-on FX for distortion guitars but I can’t load it on new project whenever I want , sometimes it is stable on project then I open project again guess what? Cubase doesn’t show Repeater (there are other VSTs for sure, even many simple based VSTs - not CPU/ram monster ones). It kills workflow and also engineering / producer skills too

This issue is a windows only problem. As Pete explained above it’s a historical issue that has only raised its head as computers have gotten more powerful and the limit set years ago has become a limitation. I’ve been frustrated about it for the past few years but to be fair it’s fantastic that Microsoft have recognised it and a fix is coming. Hats off to Pete and whoever else at Microsoft noticed the music on windows problem and put it on a ‘fix’ list!