Vst count limit - Steinberg please do something!

It is problem on my side or developer ?

btw. i can load any amount of jBridge plugins. but, if i trying to load same plugin without jBrdige, i have this issue

The problem is not on your side, FLS slots should be released as soon as you remove the plug-in(s). Or at least when you close the project.
I’m afraid I’ve never heard of jBridge in the scenario you describe.

I also definitely have many more issues on Cubase 9/9.5 than on 8.5. At the moment I’m stuck using older versions of Cubase just in order to get my projects to load properly.

I don’t remember if I posted something about this issue here …but if you lower the undo steps from inf to like 100 cubase will load them ,I wasn’t able to load more plugins with 903 until I did this .i think the mixer undo messed this up

So I guess this is not only a insert FX problem, also a problem with vst instruments ? I have the weird behaviour of some software synths like keyscape that when I re open the project, the vst does not load (greyed out) and can can also not solo / mute the track any longer. Does this sound like the same problem ? What can I do besides writing spectasonics about “dynamically linked I don´t know what I write” Support post ?


As far as I understand this can affect and be affected by vst instruments also. I had a similar behavior on a large project when suddenly and without any notice a couple of tracks went grey not loading.

In fact, in that project a couple of other tracks - 2 Groove Agent SE tracks - went silent (not greyed out). Meters showed they worked but not sound out of them. Unloading some plugins used only once and replacing them with already used plugins, rendering some vst instruments also used once or twice made those GA tracks work again.

REMEMBER ALWAYS QUIT CUBASE between opening/re-opening projects!

Definitely happens with instruments as well. In fact it’s any VST plugin pretty much. I believe Steinberg plugins aren’t effected, and there may be a few other manufacturers too (PSP I heard wasn’t affected).


be great to have list of affected plugins.

Its any loaded external component it seems. If you reach the limit and then try to export as MP3 you get ‘Internal Error’ and nothing happens. Cubase cant load the mp3 .dll it seems at that stage until you unload a unique plugin.

I have the same problem!
is there a solution??

I don’t want to switch DAW!!! :frowning:((

No solution except use the same plugins and not unique ones. The problem is worst when you use 30-40 different plugins

jBridge seems to work.

Same here. I had opened a big Session and Trillian / Keyscpape (Spectrasonics) went grey (can´t open the GUI or access the plugin). I can also not revive those instrument. When I get rid of other plugins (insert fx plugins or vst instruments) I can load more Trillian / Keyscpape instruments, but I can never get the greyed out plugins back to work again. Could you get those “dead” 2 Groove Agent SE tracks back after deleting other plugins ?

Cheers, lokotus

I am wondering if you start loading inststruments more and more only inside Komplete Control, if that would benefit the amount of dlls you could load ? Kind of like the jBridge solution that I don´t use…

I think if you use the same DAW on OS X, that problem doesn’t exist ? Also beside using jbridge, maybe loading different vst instruments inside Komplete Control might improve the situation ? I have no solution for improving the Insert FX Plugins problem though. This seems to be a windows dll limit problem which means more DAWS other than cubase are also affected…

Here’s a tool which allows you to see how many slots you have left. I add it into the Control Room and disable it - it still works when disabled. Most useful for jiggling plugins when you’re up against the limit.


Fantastic. thankyou

just a question, wouldn’t it make sense for cubase to go dynamic, ok I see Fabio mentioned this, but ALL included and extra price Steinberg plugins to go dynamic as well, like presonus has done with all S1 included components? Or allow plugins to run in seperate processes like Reaper and Bitwig allow?

Anyway at least if all included stuff was patched, it would leave room for more third party.


It is a little more complicated than that, and they are already on it.
Each update has been making a few more fls slots available.

On Mac That not an issue.