VST/CPU/Audio Peformance Spikes

I have 8.5.10 On Mac 10.8.5

Mac Book pro 13 inch mid 2012 model.
CPU i5 2.5 Dual Core
4GB 1600 DDR3 ram

With both my Lynx Hilo and on board sound im getting random spikes in the performance bar thats causing audio drop outs and glitches.

I have tried running with ASIO guard on and off… I have raised my buffer size sample amount all the way up to 2048. I have turned off hard drive sleeping in power preferences. I have Audio Priority On Boost, got Multi Processing on and even tried turning disk preload to 6 seconds. And it still glitches.

What can I do to fix this? As it stands I cant trust 8.5.10 to do work on…

Please help!

I am getting exactly the same and it appears random. Focusrite have checked driver setup and all OK. Cubase and vsts are all on a SSD and it doesn’t matter how simple or complex the project is. It will even happen with a blank project sitting there doing nothing!!! Have disabled video drivers, no difference. Have run on generic audio driver, no difference. Have disabled CPU rest states, no difference. This is on a very fast new computer with i7 and 64G of ram!!!
I have given up wasting time and am awaiting Steinberg response. Will post if they solve it. For now just have to tolerate it as sometimes it can go for hours without doing it.

I tried today setting up a folder on my C drive (SSD) which is where my programme and VST data is as opposed to my separate audio drive. Do it in the root directory of C, not in the programmes folder as this will cause you to get drive full messages. I ran a project with two instances of Absynth plus FM8 and with waves channel strips an abbey road reverb running. CPU was very low and disc drive activity also. The audio processing bar settles at about 25% up the scale when playing back and recording 3 guitar channels. I left looping on playback as well and over a period of about an hour not a single spike…!!

I don’t quite understand what you did, can you please explain more? Thanx :slight_smile: