VST deteriation

Hi everyone,

I am getting a little frustrated with the VST’s in Cubase 10, deteriorating. I have had this problem for a while, but now I am cracking up. Just updated too, to the 10.5 version.

It seems the more I work of a song, there is a chance of the Cubase pre installed VST sounds doing their own thing. One sone in particular has an instrument that played back fine, and now, in the same place every time, has audio pips. In another song I have a pad with a 5th note. It plays perfectly at the beginning of a track, then at the end, this 5th note pops in and out at it’s own leisure. This is totally frustrating.

Is anyone else having this problem? Sounds not playing back correctly or popping when before they didn’t?

I also tried logging a Technical Support Request. As soon as I click on continue, it logs me out!!!

Come one Steinburg, this is supposed to be a professional product, for professionals.


Could you try to increase your Audio Device Buffer Size?