Vst disappears when you click on it

Hi. I have posted several things now relating to cubase pro 11/12. Many in the same vein. When I click on the VSTs in the right side bar, they simply disappear. I am on the brink of quitting now. I have spent thousands on cubase and a compatible PC/VSTs and I can’t even get a drum track to record. AM I being stupid, or is there something wrong with my version of Cubase? Any help gratefully received.


From what I can see, you have 4 posts in 3 topics in total, this topic included.
The other two are:

…where you just stopped responding. And this:

…where you were given accurate information but again, did not respond any further. I also fail to see how these three threads are “in the same vain”, but ok, whatever.

Could you post a screenshot to make it easier to understand what you’re experiencing? Is the “right side bar” the Right Zone in the project window?

I’m sure there’s plenty of other users that would be happy to help with that but you’re going to have to provide a bit more info. Step-by-steps of what you’re doing and where it doesn’t work or where the result differs from your expectations along with screenshots makes it a lot easier.

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Non-Steinberg VST should just be drag and droppend on a Track.
Then use the VST interface to select sounds.
Steinberg VST like Halion should not disappear but will show ‘content’ when clicked.