VST Drum Sample player

Hi All,
I am currently setting up my new DAW PC. I have already got a good collection of drum samples that i would like to use. However, i think i am right in saying in order to play the samples in Cubase as midi events, i need to play them via a VST right??
Otherwise i would only be able to use the samples as imported audio files.
Can anyone therefore recommend the best VST for doing this?
The thing is, i dont want to buy a VST drum machine, because i already have all the samples i need, just need something to play them through.

Thanks for your help

there are two different drummachines delivered within the 7.5 package. (groove agent)
it’s drag and drop to the drumpads to load in your own drumsamples.
they are excellent machines, have multiple layering, excellent filters and so on
so you really don’t need an extra vst for it.
you can mash your drumwaves into peaces with loomash2 too if you want

look here:

and if you type for example “groove agent SE4” on youtube you can see it in action

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