VST drum sampler...


Please, I need some adrices for a good dedicated vst drum sampler…

I’ve heard about Battery 3, or even Maschine, or additive drums, but I don’t know wich one is better, or if there is another one still better…

I can say (for helping to my final decision) that the the style of music I use to produce is dance, trance, Progressive, techno… so I would like that this sampler cold be good to this kind of music…

it would be nice if the program can take external samples and if contains midi patterns of all kind of styles that I could export to Cubase.

Please, any advice?

Thank you very much in advance!

For your style of work I would advise Battery rather then Addictive drums. The last one focuses on acoustic sets and isn’t really a sampler like Battery (layer drum hits, chop loops, that sort of stuff).

Depending on the complexity of your sounds and what you would like to achieve you could also consider to use Cubase’s Groove Agent ONE.

I personally think the easiest to use, most flexible (and efficient) Drum plugin going is either of the ToonTrack products.

Even using on the basic drumkit allows a great deal of customization of the sound, not to mention when using with DSP based effects such as UAD for reverb and to tailor the sound accordingly.

I’ve messed around with other types and while they sound “bigger” it is not necessarily better, at least not to my ears.

You should give Maschine consideration. Its basically become a production studio in the last 2 years. You could use Battery within Maschine and its way ,way more than you’ll find in software drum programs. Lots of You Tube vids to show you what it can do

Just thought I’d mention FXpansions Geist as no-one else has, you can export the midi & audio into Cubase.

I’m a long-term Battery user, there’s a massive included library with lots of electronic/real kits or you can import your own samples or sample libraries. It’s quite easy to get a beat going with the Cubase Beat Designer then export the result to midi.

Have a look at stylus rmx groove module

Just thought I’d mention that the recent Computer Music Special ‘Beats & Bass’ comes with a CM Version of Geist, plus you can upgrade from the CM registered version to the full version for half price until 29th of Jan 2012…


I tinkered with it all week & it’s great, but I think I prefer my workflow with Beat Designer & Battery. In fact, it made me realise that I haven’t really given Groove Agent a proper chance - a lot of the features (like slicing up loops to pads) you can already do in Cubase. And if I’m reeaally honest I stopped using the Battery eq & effects in version 2, it’s mainly my library of kits cobbled together from numerous sources.

Anyway, if you are more interested in midi patterns then there are a few included with CMGeist, but far more with the full version.