VST Drummer

Hi everybody,

I have a question to you out ther:
I’m using Cubase (V6) so far mainly with Midi and my good old Yamaha Soundcard.
I have a Win7 (32bit) Computer with Intel Core2Duo 2,9GHz and 4GB RAM.

I’m looking for a VST Drummer and have found that NativeINstruments Studio Dummer as well a Toontrack EZ Drummer seem to be two cool alternatives.

I have installed Kontakt 5 Player and the Sennheiser DrumMica as a free Drummaschine to try.

When I start Cubase, it uses around 650MB RAM. Opening VST-Kontakt Player adds another 50MB.
When I load the DrumMica, Memory used by Cubase increses to 1.3/1.4 GB and the system starts to get very unstable.

My questions: What can I do to get my system more stable ?! Any ideas ?
What about the “Drummer” ? Anybody has experience with the two alternatives ? Or any other suggestions in the lower price range ?!

Appreciate any help ?
Thanks a lot and best regards from Germany !!