Vst Drums(Toontrack) has no individual Tracks

Using Nuendo 5.5 , upgraded all the way from 2.5 and have rudely discovered that my Superior 2.0 drums when brought into a session don’t have an obvious exploded view …in other words in the 2.5 version of Nuendo I could see under VST in the normal Track window each instrument like, Bass Drum, Snare, Toms, Cymbals all had their own track and thus I could individually add FX to the snare, or EQ, or do all the normal automation…it is a very precise way that I loved to control the drum mix…I see Toontracks own mixer to have the individual drum parts but it’s not the window in the normal tracks window in Nuendo…but help, I see no such ability to explode the VST midi tracks to individual tracks?

Sweetwater Support helped me quick, lets face it…“Sweetwater” is the best flippen place to buy anything because their support kicks everyone else’s support not just a bit…but seriously kicks everyone else’s supports ass in a supreme way…every company like Steinberg, Roland(Cakewalk) Avid(Protools) Apple should find out what makes their support pale in comparison to Sweetwater.com The answer is to go to youtube and in the youtube search input “Toontrack Support - Superior Drummer multi-out in Cubase” and the procedure is simple as hell and the same as in Nuendo!