VST Dynamics plug-in: using the side chain

I’d like to explore various techniques using this plug-in, such as modulating the signal level using a side-chain input, which is new to me. I’m thinking of the rhythmic effect achieved by Johnny Marr on The Smiths’ ‘How Soon Is Now?’, which a YouTube video demonstrated using a drum machine click inserted into a compressor’s sidechain input. Is anything like that possible with this plugin? Or are there any free 64-bit VSTs around that offer something like this?

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No - unless you are using Cubase Pro. But a Vibrato effect will gibe a similar result.

Isn’t vibrato actually pitch modulation? I want to modulate the amplitude in sync with the track and with varying rhythms.

Well, then I meant tremolo… :confused:
Nevertheless, sidechaining is not available (natively] in Cubase elements

Ah, I’m being obtuse. The VSTDynamics processor plugin which comes with my Cubase AI has a sidechain facility but, as is usual for the manual, there’s no explanation as to how to use it beyond this: “Activates the internal side-chain filter. The input signal can then be shaped according to the filter parameters. Internal side-chaining is useful for tailoring how the gate operates.”

As yyou quoted, it´s an internal sidechain, that changes the operation of the gate, based on the internal filter (so it doesn´t react too much on low frequency content, or only on mid frequency content, for example). It is not for inputting an external trigger signal.