VST Editor won't fit screen, can't be closed

I’m using Cubase AI 5 with VSTs from Aruturia. I opened the Arturia Mini V editor for the first time and it won’t fit on my laptop or CRT screen at any resolution. Neither can it be repositioned. The top of editor is off the screen so I can’t close it on the editor. Neither can I access any other part of the program with mouse/touchscreen with the editor open.

Is there a default key command that will close the editor?

Is there a way to resize the editor?

Thanks to anyone who responds.

How ridiculous. How unprofessional. If I put my Sony Viao on the highest screen resolution with text set for smallest or medium, the Mini V is small enough to fit on the screen with room to spare. However if I open it in Cubase it opens with the top bar off of the screen. This makes it impossible to move or close. If part of one of the other Cubase windows is showing behind the Mini V, clicking on it does nothing. So all the work I’ve done on this particular song is inaccessible.

I lay this more on Arturia than Steinberg in this case, although it appears that Steinberg and Arturia collaborate pretty closely. I’m surprised that this issue hasn’t been addressed by now.

Have you right-clicked to uncheck Always-on-Top?

Also, how would you know if the issue was addressed in Cubase, since Cubase AI 5 has not seen an update in around 5 years?

No, I haven’t right clicked to uncheck Always on Top, but I will as soon as I figure out where and what it is.

Okay… I figured out a work around: I learned that while clicking on windows behind the Mini V won’t bring to the front, it will activate them. Since the Mini only occupies around two thirds of the screen it is possible to activate then drag the main window into a position where the VST edit button is in view. Clicking on it closes the Mini. It’s a pain in the ass, but I can live with it. The top half of the top function bar of the Mini is cut off but the functions can still be accessed…except for the next preset up button, which is entirely off the screen.

If the Mini were positioned just a quarter inch lower everything would be just fine. Seems like a pretty easy fix…but if AI 5 hasn’t been updated in five years I won’t hold my breath. Logic is my main DAW but AI 5 came with the little Steinberg interface I bought for remote recording so I thought I might as well use it. Except for the Mini V issue I have no complaints so far.

I finally came full circle to my first question: Is there a default key command for opening the VST editor… There is not, but I had no problem restarting everything, opening a song without the Mini V in the way, opening key commands and assigning the V key to open the VST editor. It’s still annoying that the top of the Mini V screen is cut off, but at least it’s the only VST with that problem, and I can get to all the functions that I need.

I was never able to find the “Always on Top” function. It was probably off the screen. Out of curiosity I’ll check another VST, but since I can open and close with one keystroke AoT isn’t really useful.