VST effect multi channel routing problem.


I tried to figure this out myself but I am a bit stuck so I hope someone is out there who is trying to accomplish the same thing (or knows how to do it). So far I could not find anything on forums.

I have been writing and recording some songs with a lot of automation on the guitars as well as the Loopmash effect. This gives great sounds that normal guitar players could never accomplish! Now I am in the stage of trying to perform this live.
The idea is that two guitars, a bassguitar and in some cases the vocals run thru cubase and from there into the guitar amps (guitars) and pa (vocals and synth track).

I have an 8 in, 8 out audio interface so guitar 1 goes into in1, thru cubase and out1. Then it goes to the guitar amp.
Guitar 2 goes into in2, thru cubase and out2. Then it goes into another guitar amp. etc.

As you understand the latency should be extremely low in order to keep your guitar playable. Now this is where my problem starts.

I have a loopmash on every audio track with its own midi channel to trigger it. I tried to route all the tracks to a group track so that I can have only 1 loopmash on that track but the group track only has a stereo out. I need at least 5 outs.

Sends will not work in this case because it only adds to the existing sound. (as far as I know)

Does anyone have an idea how to get a one vast effect over multiple tracks without merging them to one stereo channel?

Later I will also need to load other vst’s so this is not only about loopmash.

Any suggestions are very welcome! Thank you

Once audio enters a plug it is in effect summed…you can’t then de-sum back to individual channels.
(Surround capable plugs maybe an exception)

So you’re stuck with multiple loopmash instances or the stereo mix.

Yeah that was what I was afraid of. Thanks for your answer grim!