Vst effect on vst instrument?

I am sort of new to cubase but sort of not, I know a good few things about the program from watching and using however I can’t seem to figure out (besides using a send) how to put effects like say Echoboy on say, an instance of the massive vst instrument. Cheers!

Load the VST instrument (either as Instrument track or as Rack instrument) and use the FX as an insert on the audio output of the VST instrument. For an instrument track, it´s the instrument track itself, for a Rack instrument, it´s the instrument channel.

Oh Thanks so much! It wasn’t showing up because you have to click on the track name box under midi inserts and then the box with audio inserts comes up! Also just realized I could have just used the inserts interface that is in the mixer window, that I only seem to use when copying inserts over to other channels! Thanks again!