VST effect plug in ampeq works only afte start of C5.5

Hi everybody,
suddenly my VST effect plug in Ampeq wors only in the first song I open after starting Cubase. If I open another song Ampeq is not working: no bass Sound!!!??? Only when I restart Cubase the plug inn works for the first song.

System specs?

Are you talking about the IK Multimedia Ampeg SVX bass amp modeling plugin?

Details …

Yes I am talking abou Ampeq SVX

It is extremely difficult to provide help with such a small amount of information.

Are you using it within the AmpliTube “shell” or by itself?

You can download the free version of AmpliTube from your IK user area and access the Ampeg models through that.

Might be worth a try?

Have you tried to contact IK support?