VST effects in Windows 7 & 10

Hi all,

This is my first post, so please forgive if I’m somewhat ignorant of norms & standards. I’ve been running Cubase Studio 5 on Win XP for many years with no problems to speak of. I have a large library of free VST plug-ins that make creating music a pleasure. A few months ago I upgraded to Win 7, knowing I’d get a free upgrade to 10 in July (but not if I stayed on XP). I installed Win 7 64-bit, and initially tried to install Cubase 64-bit to match, but I found many of my VST plug-ins were acting strange. I figured they were designed for 32-bit so I uninstalled 64-bit and went back to 32 bit. Even then, I was finding many of my VST effects would do this thing where you could move the knobs and sliders, but they didn’t do anything. It was as if the effect was deactivated, but the indicator showed it was active. I could still hear the raw audio file, and Cubase’s built-in effects and EQ worked fine. I didn’t think much of it, because I knew I’d be moving to Windows 10 in July.

When I did upgrade to Win 10, the problem persisted, perhaps even presenting itself a little more often. Sometimes after the VST effects stopped…effecting?..the project would crash. I got more serious about investigating the 32-bit vs 64-bit thing. I installed the demo version of JBridge and bridged my effects (which I didn’t think made sense, since I was using the 32-bit version of Cubase, but I figured I’d give it a try)…no change. So next I installed Cubase 64-bit, and used JBridge to bridge all my 32-bit effects to 64-bit. This, I figured, surely would solve the problem. Nope. Same problem, more crashing.

So now I’m using Cubase 64 bit on Windows 10 pro 64 bit, and I’ve ditched nearly all of my favorite VST effects because they simply won’t work anymore. I also discovered that some of my favorite 32-bit VST instruments no longer work either (chief among which is Organized Trio, which IMHO models a Hammond incredibly well, but now crashes upon being inserted into a project). The weird part is, sometimes even 64-bit versions of effects don’t work. Again, I change the effect’s settings but nothing happens; the effect simply isn’t on the sound despite having clearly been inserted on the channel.

I would chalk this up to Win 10 compatibility high jinx, except the problem started when I moved to Win 7. On the plus side, I’ve been finding some interesting 64-bit effects and instruments to use as substitutes. :stuck_out_tongue:

Other specs for my setup:
Quad-core AMD CPU 3.o GHz, 8 gb RAM
Interface is EMU 1212m with Patchmix software

Thanks for any input folks can provide!

It could be some compatibility of those plugs or Cubase 5 on Win 7. It could also be a memory issue depending on the size of the projects. W7 will use more RAM than XP and if you were close to the limit before… Could be the processor. Sounds like mostly Graphical issues? Is the video card driver updated for the new OS?

It is also possible that C5 is not “optimized” for W7, etc. You might consider trying the C8 trial for free and see if that behaves better on the newer OS.

Good thoughts, thanks! The graphics driver is updated for Win 10 - with a Win 8 driver (that’s the workaround everyone is using), and same with the EMU sound. 8 gb RAM should be fine for these projects, as they are not particularly involved. And as I say, the VST3 effects work as they should. Processor is an AMD quad core 3.0 GHz; that should be plenty. And again, same hardware was there when I was running XP and it worked great. I think I’ll take your advice and try a c8 trial and see how it works on this system.

Quick update for anyone looking to solve this: the version of JBridge I had originally tried was the trial version. Once I bought the actual JBridge and got it satisfactorily installed the problem resolved.