VST Effects Live

Ok - so I’m a VST noob and was wondering if its possible in Cubase 8 Pro to enable VST effects live on an audio input as opposed to rendering the VST effect after recording the audio into Cubase after the fact.

I have been in the Cubase world since version 4 and was hoping VST Live effects were a thing now.

If so, please let me know



Yes… You can assign vst effects when recording audio. Just assign and enable the vst while recording. Of course the resultant recorded audio will have that effect as part of the recording.

Regards. :sunglasses:

Thanks for the reply Prock - Do they have to be VST 3.0 or any specific version?

Any vst version (typically 2 or 3) 32 or 64 bit should work. Of course you will have less issues if using the newer versions.

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I cant seem to get this to work - is there a link you can point to or video? I basically turn the effect on when I have live audio coming into stereo in and the effect does play live

Any tips?