VST effects not available in 9.5 Pro

Hi All,
I’m a newbie to all this and I hope there’s an easy answer. I have both Cubase v9 Pro and v9.5 Pro on my Mac and I cant get all the VST effects to show up in the v9.5. I have added the path and rescanned all paths however the software cant find the effects. If you look at the VST effects folder you see what I’m looking for however when you load a new track and try to add the effects, there not there. Everything works great in v9.0. Please help, thx.

I am having the same problem. VST instruments show up no problem, but VST effects, while they show up in my Plugin Manager on the left, they are not available on the right (nothing at all on the right), and not available to place on instruments. It’s as if Cubase recognizes them, but does not let me select them.

I recently re-installed Psychic Modulation’s EchoMelt and Phonec, and the instrument installed fine, and is available, but the effect displays in the manager, but it not available. I am starting to realize this problem only applies to effects, and I actually haven’t been able to install an effect since some point where I must have changed a setting in Windows.

I like to have a tight security system, especially with Windows 10, so I toggle off a lot of the telemetry (for whatever good that does). I am thinking that there is some conflict between my system and Cubase effects.

Any ideas?