VST expression gone Berserk

As part of an experiment, I decided to add some pitch bend data for my notes in Cubase. Then I found that it made all of the notes sort of artificially bend and then sound like someone who has inhaled a lot of helium. Furthermore, it effects every note thereafter, which is odd in my opinion. I’m still a novice and am still learning. Unfortunately, I only realized that the pitch bend was negatively impacting every note on every channel after a while. At that point I hadn’t lowered the volume enough to realize. Now I’m stuck with this weird warping effect for the duration of my song. I even tried going into the options to delete vst3 expression data and expression data in general. Nothing works. For some reason the problem doesn’t affect the song itself, but when I export as midi, it affects the entire song, no matter how many times I delete everything. I’m sure I’m missing something very obvious. Would anyone be able to assist me? I’m running Cubase 6 in 64-bit mode in Mac OSX Snow Leopard. If possible, I would also like to learn how to make the pitch bends work correctly. (Yes I’ve read the manual, but it’s not the most intuitive manual in the world.)

Thank you very much. Looking forward to responses.

I apologize for double posting, but I realize that no one will even see this topic. Really it’s an emergency fr me. Sorry again.

Hi, are you talking about VST Expression, or Note Expression?
In any case, we’ll need a much more detailed description of what you were doing (e.g. the fact that you mentioned it sounding like “helium” tells us that this was on a sampled sound, not a synth sound).
So, most importantly, where and how did you insert that pitch bend? (which btw, will be common to all receiving instruments on the same MIDI port and MIDI channel, so, if you didn’t reset it to zero, it is normal that the pitchbend continue on that channel… the only exception… and this is new to Cubase 6… would be a Note Expression-compatible instrument, such as HALion Sonic SE, and even then, only with a preset that is specifically Note Expression-compatible).
Which Instrument were you triggering?

I was using a Halion Sonic SE instrument, and I’m not even sure if it is compatible with pitch bend. The pitch bend sounded pretty bad. As you said, if I make each channel have the same midi out, I notice that the bend affects everything. Since naturally I won’t be using only one instrument, this does not immediately affect the song. The problem comes when I try exporting as MIDI. I believe I deleted all of the pitch bend data, but the weird sound is still there. I’m confused why the bend happens to every single note thereafter, instead of ending once the note I bended ends. I made the pitch bend I believe by clicking the individual notes and drawing in line data. I suspect that that might not be the whole story though. Also, I wasn’t aware that there was a difference between VST3 expression and note expression. I assume that note expression is when you draw in the curves that become embedded within individual notes. VST3 expression is when you draw in articulations?

Full marks… top of the class! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m confused why the bend happens to every single note thereafter, instead of ending once the note I bended ends. I made the pitch bend I believe by clicking the individual notes and drawing in line data. I suspect that that might not be the whole story though.

So, I presume you drew in the individual note’s Note Expression window? If so, just make sure that you add a “central” pitch bend at the end of the note, before closing the window.
I don’t wish to confuse you, but, like I said earlier, “Pitch Bend” is a channel event, irrespective of whether VST3.5-compatible or not, so it will continue to other notes on the same MIDI channel. If you want it individual for that note (even if that note is part of a chord), then the preset itself has to be Note-Expression-capable (the factory presets show “Note Exp” in the preset name), and, instead of using "Pitch Bend, you would use the parameter, “Tuning”.

I see. the problem however, is that I can’t find what specifically is being pitch bended, so I can’t delete the effect. I believe that i have tried all of the options for wiping expression, but what exactly is the command I should use to specifically get rid of tuning and pitch bends?

To quickly find out if the source of the problem is note expression, just mute note expression by pressing on the oval tip of note expression tab in the inspector so it becomes yellow.

If you’ll see it’s indeed note expression, to find out which note expression parameter is causing this you can do the following:

  1. Open the track in the MIDI Key editor.
  2. Select all notes (Ctrl+A)
  3. Double click any note. A note expression editor window with all note expression data on that track will open.
  4. Click on any note expression line, paying attention to which parameter gets highlighted in the note expression section of the inspector.
  5. Click Ctrl+A and then Del.
  6. Press Play. Is the problem gone? If not, press Ctrl+Z to undo and repeat steps 3-5 with another note expression parameter until you find what’s causing this.

Sorry, just re-read your post and realized you can’t hear the problem until you export MIDI and import it back. Ok, then try exporting your MIDI file with note expression muted. Does the problem remain?

I don’t have access to my Cubase computer at the moment, but I will report back after I’ve tried all the troubleshooting methods you’ve suggested. Thanks for the help thus far.

(I’m sure that the command shortcut you just mentioned is a little different in Mac OSX, hopefully control is simply replaced with “command”)