VST Expression Map Repository

I just got Cubase and while I was waiting for it to arrive I searched around for expression maps for my sample libraries. I found quite a few but they were scattered, and I couldn’t find a good central resource. So let’s start one! Here’s what I’ve found so far:

Spectrasonics Trilian

8dio Adagio Violins 1.1 and Cellos

The big one; I guess he provides them to Steinberg (you can find most of these on the Steinberg website as well)

More Garritan including Stradivari, Gofriller, and JABB. RealGuitar, more VSL, EWQLSO

Anyone have any others to share? I plan on making quite a few myself soon, including maps for Sample Modeling libraries, Prominy SR5, and Cinematic Strings 2.

Also going to make some for a few Impact Soundworks and Sonokinetic libraries.

Thanks for that!

Hello EddieLovesYou,

Do you still have the expression map file for Spectrasonics Trilian? The link you provide doesn’t work any longer.

http://dl.dropbox.com/u/10661248/Trilli … n_Maps.zip
Spectrasonics Trilian

Thank you,
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