VST expression marking conflicting with score editor


I seem to have a knack for posting problems that no-one else has experienced…but here goes anyway!
In Cubase 5 I sometimes want to insert 2 or 3 bars into a project. So I cut the tracks, move the later ones to the right, say two bars, then glue them back together. When I open the score editor, each track displays all the VST expression words that have been used since the beginning of the project all on top of each other at every cut point. Not only VST expression words, but any other text I might have included at any point on the track. In a big project like the current one (full symphony orchestra, playing time 30 minutes), selecting these “blobs” of text to delete them causes my computer to seize up for a matter of minutes - and this is a computer with 16 gigs of RAM that normally has no trouble playing 30 or so tracks connected to the EWQLSO VST library without bouncing anything down to audio. If I don’t delete them, the computer has to read literally hundreds of VST messages all at the same time and quite understandably chokes.
Does anyone know why this happens… and how to stop it happening?

You should be using Insert Silence to add measures.

You should be using “process bars” to insert bars.

Hi :slight_smile:
Unfortunately, in Cubase 5, whenever you split a MIDI Part, it places a duplicate of any existing direction-type VST Expression events at the start of the Part which is after the split (used to drive me bonkers too! :wink: ).
You will probably find it easier to delete these unwanted events from inside the Key Editor.
(This got fixed in Cubase 6.)

Hey thanks all of you!
I hadn’t expected any replies, so I haven’t been back to check. How dumb is that! :unamused:
I’ll try “insert silence” and/or “process bars”… and if that fails, it’s good to know it’s been fixed in v6.
Nice to know you’re still around, Vic! Remember our coffee at the Gare St Lazare?

I didn’t realise that both "insert silence and “insert bars” both have the same effect of cutting and moving parts. So either way I get the same pile-up of text in my score. Looks like I’ll have to start saving for Cubase 6!
Thanks again for your help.

Of course I do! :slight_smile:… and I remember, above all, the lovely music that you have written :wink:.