VST Expression: what are the "status", data 1 & data 2 for?

This is not really covered in the manual…

What are the status, data 1 and data 2 for?

I mostly understand how the Expression Maps Setup works except for this.



Click on the 6 button above the status/Data 1/Data 2.

By this, you can set, what will be send to the virtual instrument as changing information. For example exact MIDI note (Status = Note On; Data 1 = C3 – pitch; Data 2 = 120 – value); MIDI CC (Status = Controller; Data 1 = CC0 - number of the CC; Data 2 = 0 – value of the CC 0), or Program Change, there is Data 1 only.

So, if you VI switchnig articulation by switching the Keys, you can use this.