VST expression

is there some vstexpression map with halion sonic ?
if yes where they are ?
just test the HALion Sonic demo that came with C6 !

Since Cubase 6 there is no need to deal with vstexpression maps anymore. Cubase 6 is capable to communicate with HALion Sonic directly.
Load a preset that has at least one keyswitch
goto the Cubase Inspector, click on “Expression-Map” to open that section
click on " No Expression-Map", and now there should be a entry “Import Keyswitches”.
Select it and your’re done.


thanks :wink:

well i just have “no expression map” or “expression map config” not see the “Import Keyswitches”
i load one preset with key switch ( brown key) but see nothing in the expression map menu ! :frowning:
help needed :blush:

Click on the picture below!

i try it in same place but never have the “Import Keyswitches” !! :open_mouth:
perhaps a demo limitation i try with different patch with no luck ! :angry:
& did you know how we can drag & drop the flex phrases in cubase ? the manual say to look at the little “midi icon” i just have one at the top but it does nothing ! (perhaps another demo limitation) !
ps : i wanna say that i try with a instrument track

oups sorry my mistake i was using the vst2 of halion sonic intead of vst3 :laughing:
stupid me !
but i’m still not find the way to drag & drop flex phrases in cubase 6 ! :confused:

ok i found for midi frag & drop ! you can only drag the sliced loop not the flex phrases !!! a little bit disapointed ! :frowning: