VST folder missing

I’ve just bought Cubase 6.5-all loaded successfully etc. I then went on to load Battery 3 only to find it didn’t appear in the drop down menu in Cubase. when I searched the folders I was unable to find a vst folder with Battery dll in it.
Where do I put the dll’s for my other vsti’s?
Thank you

Depends on your o/s and whether 32 or 64bit.

OS is windows 7 32bit

Have you specified the VST 2.x plugin path in Cubase?

No to be perfectly honest I haven’t, and being new to most of this, I’m not sure I would know how.
But thank you for your reply. At least I have a path to explore.

When you installed Battery it should have asked you where your vstplugins folder was.

Default on Windows assuming you didn’t change anything is:

64bit C:\Program Files\Steinberg\vstplugins.
32 bit C:\Program Files (x86)\Steinberg\vstplugins

Is the (×86) an important part.
And btw I’m very grateful for the replies - I’m pulling my hair out here.
I went to DV in Cambridge today, they were flummoxed too.
To be honest I think I may have mucked up my registry when
trying to install a cleanW7 without sufficient knowledge (learning the hard way)
Thanks again

Is the (×86) an important part.

Well the x86 is to distinguish 32bit programs from 64bit.
This is really only for organisation.

Actually if you are running 32bit windows then you won’t haver any x86 folder…it’s only on 64bit where you can run both 64 and 32bit applications. Sorry I’d missed your earlier post stating it was 32bit.

You’re not really giving us much else to go on.

Where did you install Cubase to?
Where did you install Battery to
Is this a recent version of Battery…are you installing the 32bit version…is it VST2 or VST3 (or both)?
Do you have a vstplugin folder in your Steinberg install folder?
Have you tried installing any other 3rd party plugins?

Im having a stab here, and thinking maybe you have installed the plugins BEFORE the DAW was installed…to which, NI stuff or others , if I can recall will not put their plugs in a folder which is not already there by default. as in the Steinberg/VSTplgins folder…as in they will NOT create a folder called Steinberg, if there isnt one on your hard drive already. Some of them will create a VSTplugins folder, but this is in an incorrect place for Cubase to scan, unless it is added within CUbase itself.

Have a check.

Hi Gav

I had the same problem with Cubase 6.5 - http://www.steinberg.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=25835

I just created my own VST folder for 64/32bit respectively. All good.

I still do not know why it did not create it’s own vstplugin-folder. (I did muck around with some folder security settings though…).

Hello all & thanks for the replies,
I’ve done it. After loading & reloading I rang Steinberg, they were helpful but a little technical (But helpful).
I have to be honest here & I had - after a day or so - posted on another board on this forum( in exasperation).
Anyway a nice guy called Hairy Ears responded.
Devices > Plug in info > VST 2.× Plug-in Paths - double click,up pops VST 2× Plug-in Paths. Bingo
Many thanks to all