VST FX improvements and new effects

Hello, Steinberg Team and Cubase users!
I created a new topic to share my thoughts and ideas on stock Cubase VST effects that I use very often.

1) Spatial effects like “StereoEnhancer” and “MonoToStereo” sounds good, but needs an additional gain control button. (most of the stock Cubase plugins already have “the output” knob).
I use these spatial plug-ins in almost every project, and they not only affect the stereo image, but also make the sound louder. So it’s not very handy to tweak the gain button on a track itself every time one use these plugins.

  • Maybe add Phasescope and Correlometer for visual control.

2) My ideas for future plugins.

1 - Multiband Stereo Enhancer. Or at least two band stereo enhancer to make low frequencies narrower and high frequencies wider. (Standard trick) :smiley:

2 - Any Analog EQ which saturate the frequencies you boost. And as an option, the ability to switch between a standard channel EQ and the new analog one in the channel strip.

3 - New Amp and Cabs for VST Amp Rack.

4 - Pitch Shift plugin. +12 and -12 semitones will be enough :wink:
Cubase already have this pitch shift algorithm in the sampler track, but not as vst effect.

5 - New reverb algorithms for “Revelation” - plate, room. Or maybe the new reverb plugin. :smiley:

That’s all.

I apologize for my English if there are grammar mistakes in my post. It’s not my native language.

And I would be grateful for your thoughts and opinions on this matter! Thank you!