VST handling

  1. When adding an instrument to layer or stack it should open the plugin GUI, most likely that when I add an instrument or effect I need to work on it (not to say 100% of the times). In Cubase there´s a Preference to choose the behaviour.
  2. Please improve VST handling , while selecting one I don´t need to see at first sight the Vendor´s folders, many times I even don´t know to which Vendor a plugin belongs to. Get inspired by Cubase where you can´just see a plugin list which makes many more plugins show in the same window speedying the scrolling and vendors are in another tab (where I can sort and group if needed). and the possibility to add custom folders.

@diegoalejo15 I know it’s not the same solution, but I like the search on the top very much. Just open, start typing e.g.: “compr…” (for looking your favourite compressor) and tick your selection :slight_smile:

I know, I´m not requesting to cut the search box, actually it´s the only way I can use it now with more than 200 plugins…but there are better ways…

:slight_smile: I absolutely understand what you mean, while I like the Vendor foldering first much better. I think it depends user’s plugin inventory and workflow, etc… :slight_smile:

So I personally hope it remains as it is now: “Vendor order first” remains with search box on the top :sweat_smile: