VST in Cubase 4le

I have Cubase 4le and I recently started using HalionOne with my MIDI keyboard. My question is how can I get more VST’s and where can I get them? Can I download them for free or is there a cost? What are the most popular ones to use?


Google KVR Audio.


hello … I would ask question about the VST Instrument tools It’s not existed in my Cubase 4LE Which I bought it in 2017. I don’t have experience that’s why I bought it …So please I am looking for this help and if there is a chance to get Sounds Library cuz It’s totally Empty program. Thanks

You can upgrade to Cubase Elements 9 for just 49 bucks, it comes with a lot more stuff:

I found it Cheaper in Ebay … The 9 Elements FULL VERSION even…lOL