VST Input Channel Settings - i7 and i8 in new mixer?

Hello guys!

I have one question it’s very important!
Where is i7(yellow) and i8(yellow) insert field in CUBASE 7 mixer?

Thete is a image

Sitting beneath number 5 & 6, In the MixConsole there are 8 inserts, in the Channel settings there are 8 insert slots.
No problem over here.

i must use 4 inserts without need? and then use 5 and 6 ??? WTF?

Don’t know 'bout that, do you have a screenshot?

When looking at my MixConsole or Channel setting there are 8 inserts, however the MixConsole does add them indeed one by one and it isn’t possible to set a effect at slot 1 and then set an effect to slot 8. In the Channelview it works as usual.

Hi tried to PM the pics but I got a issue with attachuing files.

Okey how i can open menu on pic N2?

Sorry…? Can you explain a bit further please…? You’re saying, for example, the MixConsole does not allow you to enter anything in Insert slot 7 or 8, directly…?

Either right-click the vst slot and put it post
Show fixed number of slots in racks right-click context menu to See all eight slots

however the MixConsole does add them indeed one by one and it isn’t possible to set a effect at slot 1 and then set an effect to slot 8.

As mentioned by TabSel, this works. It is just a economical view which made me conclude that no direct insert to slot could be made, but setting the settings in: MixConsoel/Racks/* (rack settings) /fix no of slots overrides this behaviour. All good now.

Ooh @Psyinside, yes I think the slot 7/8 are still the same as in C6 (Post-fader?)

But no info from steinberg about it !
This option is wery important, when u export track :exclamation:
This option - raises loudness level <+6db ( i use Voxengo Elephant)

Obviously they thought, their users know how to use a manual…

Aloha guys
just to chime in.

In Matt Hepworth’s tut, he explains about the new audio routing path
in C7.

According to Matt 7 & 8 are indeed post fader but they are not
marked a different color like in C6.

This thread explains his routing paths for both C6 and C7.
and the differences.



Although I don’t like the tone of the Topicstarter…

If you click on the little * right next to RACKS, you can select to ‘Show fixed no. of slots’. That way you will see them all. Right now you only show what you used, which is not what you want.

Please try to find out what is happening and read the manual and watch video’s, before ranting to Steinberg… It’s a feature you don’t know how to use. Not a bug or a problem…

For most Cubase users that is the definition of “bug”…

Very true…unfortunately

I believe if you put the insert in and then drag it to the last position it will be psot fader or i8
You can always check by right clicking and seeing if it wants to send it to post fader or pre fader and work out what it’s at from there :slight_smile:

Maybe thats what they want you to do, just add an insert and right click it instead of using i7 and i8?
Personally…it’s bloody annoying isnt it.

Steinberg! simply !!! paint yellow over :nerd: