VST Input OK, Output missing, but some tracks play

I got my outfit working properly for the fist time yesterday. I could:
Create a project, and create instrument and midi tracks (and play them). Then I managed to record my guitar too and get a reasonable sounding audio track. Result!

The setup is: electric guitar through line6 Flextone amp sent through Roland FA06 workstation to Cubase on my PC. I have a couple of monitors hanging off the Roland FA06 so I can hear everything. Yesterday it was fine.

Today when I start up a project (mine or a new one from a template) I’m told immediately that the audio outputs are missing.
The Input is OK, that says it’s looking at the FA06.
I tried to attach the FA06 to the output but it can’t see the FA06, there’s nothing to click on.

I can’t hear instrument or audio tracks, but strangely, midi tracks play through the monitors just fine. Uninstalling and reinstalling the FA06 driver didn’t make any difference. I can’t understand why midi tracks play, and VST Input is set to FA06, but I can’t get the Output to see the driver. I tried switching everything on and off again, but no combination made any difference.

It feels like I’ve set something wrong within Cubase, but I’m absolutely out of ideas. I’d be grateful if anyone could shed light on the problem. I’ve done some searching but nothing seems to match. It’s probably obvious, but worth pointing out that I’m new to the whole DAW thing. Cheers, Brenn

Hi and welcome,

Does it mean, you cannot see any FA06 Audio Port in the VST Connections > Outputs?

Hi Martin, Thank you

Yes, that’s right, I can’t see any FA06 Audio Port in the VST Connections > Outputs?

I’ve just installed the latest version of Cubase: v8.0.40 build 623 (64bit), and the problem is still there. I looked for a newer version of the FA06 driver but there wasn’t one.

The FA06 Audio port is visible in the VST Connections > Inputs, AND in Midi Input and output.

Are you using MS Wavetable synth for MIDI inside Cubase?

Some thoughts…

The FA06 has a lot of features and settings. Maybe you set it up correctly the first time you used it but you forgot to “save” these setting as described in the manual (page 92ish?). Then, when you shut it off, these settings were lost and after turning it back on today Cubase is not seeing what it saw yesterday.

Also, if not already done… make sure you are connected to a USB2 port versus USB3. It is possible to get weird things to happen when connected to the wrong port.

Regards :sunglasses:

Thanks Prock

I made sure I was using a USB2 port (I definitely don’t want weirdness), and started looking at things other than Cubase as you suggested. It’s OK now, I can see the FA06 device in Output, and what appeared to do it was disabling the sound device on my computer’s sound card. I don’t know why that would be a problem today and not previously, or at all…

Thanks for the heads up on the FA06. I’m new to that as well, and am hoping to just use it as an input device at the moment so I don’t complicate my life more than necessary. Next time things go wrong I’ll be suspicious of that too.

The learning curve looked impossible to start with, but I’m getting there, and am very grateful for your support, Prock, Martin and Svennilenni. Thank you.

Svennilenni, The MS Wavetable synth for MIDI inside Cubase is disabled. (It came that way) Is that a good thing?