VST install

Trying to install trial to Treibwerk, once I unzip and go through install process, vst does not show up in cubase. using artist 8 by the way. Also, i looked at the path of the install and can’t seem to find the vst, as if it never installed in the first place. Any suggestions?

Carefully check the folder where it’s supposed to be installed during the setup process, then verify if it’s correctly copied and on a VST folder.

OK, have now been on the phone with tech support, the guy was not able to help despite his best efforts. I now have a version of cubase artist 7.5, 8.0 and 8.5 none of which will recognize the downloaded VSTs treibwerk or dark planet. Now wondering if I need to update my mac os from 10.8.5 to something more recent but don’t want to ruin my otherwise smooth running setup.

I believe these won’t show as seperate vsts. Look in your Halion vst for the sounds. I’m not 100% sure for TW but thats how it works for DP.

Edit… I checked the spec for TB and it does say you need a vst host. So, check in Halion.

Regards. :sunglasses: