VST Instrument and MIDI send?


I have connected a few external samplers and now I want to use them as VST Intruments. The problem is that for some reason I can’t get it to work. I can’t make the VST Instrument SEND MIDI :frowning: I have tried everything. Tried to set up MIDI devices that send on specific MIDI-channels that I’ve linked to the VST Instrument, but nothing works.

I really need this to work in order to play samples from my samplers. Why can’t VST Instruments send MIDI?

And I don’t want to use the VST Instrument RACK. I want to work WITHOUT MIDI-channels.

Does anybody have an idea?

Many thanks in advance!


Come on now! :slight_smile: I mean BOTH Reaper and Studio ONE can do this. Guess there are other DAW’s that can do this also. Haven’t checked.

Are we to guess Cubase version, etc…?

I run Cubase 7. Don’t know if the Artist version even have this? External devices that is.

Hmmm…I think I actually got it to work now :slight_smile: Strange…